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GT40 of Ken Quintenz and Dan Gurney
Larry Kessler - Elva Mk VIII Bill Osterower - GT40 mk IIB
MGTC - James Carson Glenora Run
Line up for Glenora Run Bob Gett - Cheveron B16
First stop of ralley #2 in the S's
Elva's of Somerville and Kessler Howard Turner - Lotus 23C
Group 5 into the S's Group 5
1,2,3-GT40,Shelby,GT40 Spin of GT 350
Howard Turner - '65 Cobra Cobra, GT40, GT350
Porsche Porsche 962 -1986
Porsche - twin turbo GT40
GT40 Cobra, GT40
Dan Gurney explains passing technique
Dan Gurney
Dan Gurney
GT40, Cobra, GT350 Shelby Datona coupe
Stretched Cobra Dan Gurney autograph session
Bobby Rahal qualifying his Porsche 908
Bobby Rahal and son
Bobby Rahal ready to qualify
Parade lap up the S's Parade Lap - main straight
Mini Antique car show
Triumphs Watkins Glen antique car show
Mini at turn 1 IMSA Porsche 962