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Bernd Schneider's wife
Hubert Haupt Laurent Aiello
Team AMG crew
Joachim Winkelhock
Bernd Schneider celebrating Laurent Aiello
David Saelens Laurent Aiello and Uwe Alzen
David Saelens out of the race Uwe Alzen
David Saelens
Team AMG celebrating 2001 championship Race winner and 2001 champion Bernd Schneider
Laurent Aiello Laurent Aiello
Martin Tomczyk Schneider Meister
Bernd Schneider and Norbert Haug celebrating Bernd Schneider
Norbert Haug waiting for Bernd Schneider
Timo Scheider Beautiful A1-Ring scenery
Christijan Albers Darren Turner
Marcel Fassler in the pit Bernd Schneider
Joachim Winkelhock Bernd Schneider
Marcel Fassler Alain Menu
Bernd Schneider Joachim Winkelhock
Martin Tomczyk stuck in sand pit The start: trouble already
The start: Bernd Schneider leading the field On the starting grid
On the starting grid A1-Ring paddock
Norbert and Jungfrau Haug
Bernd Schneider and Team AMG celebrating
Manuel Reuter Norbert Haug
Bernd Schneider on the podium
Norbert Haug Press conference: Uwe Alzen, Bernd Schneider and Laurent Aiello
Press conference: Bernd Schneider
The podium: Laurent Aiello, Bernd Schneider and Uwe Alzen The podium: Laurent Aiello, Bernd Schneider and Uwe Alzen
Laurent Aiello on the podium