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Jake Crum on Junior Sportsman-1 Lite’s grid Ricky Keisler’s crew makes some last minute checks on Junior Sportsman-1 Lite’s grid
Controlled Medium 44-RJ Robinson 05-Cody Mallory Junior Sportsman-1 Lite 88-Steven Ross 41-Jonathan Pillion
Briggs Junior Sportsman-1 Lite 52-Mike Elder 51-Joey Polevoy Senior Champ 29-Chuck Broadway 17-Shawn Parker
Briggs Junior Sportsman-1 Lite 22-Jordan Dill 88-Steven Ross Double winner Rohn Moon waits on the grid.
Controlled Medium 20-Amanda Shropahire 29-Andy Earnhardt Senior Champ 17-Shawn Parker 22-Btran Jones
Briggs Junior 22-Matt Hawking 75-Nick Kennedy Controlled Medium 44-RJ Robinson 54-Mitch Hendrix
Briggs Junior Sportsman-1 51-Thomas Barden, Jr. 23-Matt Norton Kid kart driver Austin Seay waits on the grid.
Junior Sportsman-2 Lite 7-Thomas Carino Briggs Junior 99-Jordon Watson
Briggs Junior 86-Buster Dickerson Briggs Medium 4-Jason Higgy 06-James Youngblood
Junior Champ 19-Andrew Tate 91-Aaron Ridley Junior Champ 29-Danny Wiles
Saturday Fast Time winners Controlled Medium 56-Rohn Moon
Junior Sportsman-1 Lite 41-Jonathan Pillion 27-Aaron Martin Briggs Junior Sportsman-1 Lite 88-Steven Ross
#10-Ryan Nicholas leads Briggs Junior Sportsman-1 Lite racers Briggs Junior Sportsman-1 Lite 27Aaron Martin
Briggs Junior 1-Daniel Pierce Limited Lite 96-Wayne Poole 82-Jamie Knopf
Briggs Junior Champ 18-Chad Napier 02-Taylor Crawford 1-Jake Crum Star Champ 1-Jody Miller 52-Jason Scruggs 82-A.J. Curreli
Restricted Junior 43-Jesse LeFevers Junior Champ 42-Daniel Pierce 87-Brandon Dill
Junior Champ 42-Daniel Pierce 87-Brandon Dill Junior Champ 42-Daniel Pierce 87-Brandon Dill
Briggs Heavy 56-Rohn Moon Kid Karts 51-Kyle Huggins
01-Nick Lewis takes a wild ride in Junior Champ Josh Nash climbs out of his Junior Champ kart after getting swept up in the crash that ended racing
Star Champ 55- Roger Padgett