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Chronological photos :

Antron Brown Bruce Sarver
Angelle Savoie Angelle
Bob Benza Frank Pedregon
Blower Looking good
Tony Gillig Winner
Mike Thomas Matt Hines
John Nobile Jeg Coughlin, Jr.
Troy Coughlin Pannella
Robert Patrick Larry Dixon
Maxed Firebird Winner-Mike Dunn
Ritchie Stevens Dunn in victory
Darrell Alderman Kenny Bernstein
Brad Jeter Thank the sponsors!
Mark Pawuk Kenny hates losing!
Jim Yates Nice Chevy!
Kurt Johnson Winner!
Warren Johnson Kenny cooling down
Scott Weiss Frank Aragona
Bob Bale Ronnie Hood
Off the line Torque!
Full burn-out There's a lot going on here!
Final adjustments Skoal winding down
Bob Gilbertson Major burnout
Jim Epler I hate losing!