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Larry Morgan's Pro Stock Avenger Larry Morgan's Avenger on the move
Robert Patrick's Pro Stock Mustang Hurley Blakeney (Mustang) lines up against the Reher-Morrison car
The Summit Grand Am launches Jim Yates warms his tires
Troy Coughlin burns out Darrell Alderman lights 'em up
Pro Stock great Bill Grumpy
Pro Stock Bike rookie Peggy Llewellyn
Peggy Llewellyn prepares to qualify Pro Stock Bike winner Blaine Hale
...and going Matt Roades on the move
John Lingenfelter launches his GMC Sonoma Pro Stock Truck Thomas Patterson's Head Hunter
Frankie Mad Man Western Beef Pro Mod '57 Chevy
Hawlin' Beef Jerry Hick's Pro Mod Corvette
Hemi Dream Super Stock Barracuda Super Stock Chevy burnout
Frank Tamborella's Sportsman Chevy S-10 Todd Patterson's Dodge Pro Stock Truck coming…