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Graham McRae Howden Ganley
Graham McRae, Williams IR01 Rikky von Opel, Ensign
Niki Lauda, BRM P160E, goes off, Chris Amon, Tecno PA123B, Emerson Fittipaldi, Lotus 72E Ford, Mike Hailwood, Surtees TS14A Ford, and David Purley, March 731 Ford Clay Regazzoni, BRM P160E, Mike Hailwood, Surtees
Graham Hill, Embassy Shadow DN1 George Follmer, Shadow DN1
Jody Scheckter, McLaren François Cevert, Tyrrell
Girl Timo Makinen, Henry Liddon, Ford Escort RS1600
François Cévert, Jackie Stewart Ronnie Peterson, Lotus 72E Ford, Jody Scheckter, McLaren M23 Ford, Niki Lauda, BRM P160E
Wilson Fittipaldi, Brabham BT42 Ford, James Hunt, March 731 Ford Ronnie Peterson, Lotus 72E Ford, Niki Lauda, BRM P160E, Jody Scheckter, McLaren M23 Ford
Jackie Oliver, Shadow DN1 Ford, Graham Hill, Shadow DN1 Ford, Jean-Pierre Jarier, March 731 Ford, François Cevert, Tyrrell 006 Ford Jackie Stewart, Tyrell 006 Cosworth
Covered Shadow DN1 Fords of Jackie Oliver, George Follmer in the pits Peter Revson, McLaren M23 Ford
Peter Revson, McLaren
Start: Peter Revson, McLaren M23, Ronnie Peterson, Lotus 72D Peter Revson, McLaren M23
Carlos Reutemann, Brabham BT37 Barbro Peterson, wife of Ronnie Peterson, Lotus
Jacky Ickx, Ferrari 312B3 leads Wilson Fittipaldi, Brabham BT42 Ford Arturo Merzario, Ferrari 312B3
Peter Revson, McLaren M23 Ford Bernie Ecclestone, Brabham team owner with Max Mosley, March Engineering team manager
Jack Findlay Emerson Fittipaldi, Lotus 72E Ford
Niki Lauda, BRM Jean-Pierre Jarier, March 731 Ford
Brabham BT42 1973 side view Tecno PA123B 1973 side view
BRM P160E 1973 side view BRM P160E 1973 airbox and chassis detail
Surtees TS14A 1973 side view March 731 1973 side view
Ronnie Peterson, Lotus 72 Ford Graham Hill, George Follmer, Wilson Fittipaldi, Emerson Fittipaldi, Carlos Reutemann, Denny Hulme, Jackie Oliver, Ronnie Peterson, Arturo Merzario, Jody Scheckter, Jackie Stewart and François Cévert
Jackie Stewart, Tyrrell Ford François Cévert, Tyrrell Ford
Jackie Stewart, Tyrrell Ford Ferrari 312PB 1973 detailed overview
Tyrrell 006 1973 detailed overview McLaren M23 1973 detailed overview and side view