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#22 Martini Racing Team Porsche 917K: Helmut Marko, Gijs van Lennep François Cévert, Tyrrell 002 Ford
Peter Gethin, BRM P160, takes the checkered flag Peter Gethin, BRM P160
Jackie Stewart, Tyrrell 001 Jackie Stewart, Lola T260-Chevrolet
Jackie Stewart, celebrates with his wife Helen after his win Jackie Stewart, Tyrrell 003-Ford
Jackie Stewart, Tyrrell 003-Ford Willy Kauhsen, Reinhold Joest, Porsche 917/20 'Pink Pig'
Winner John Surtees, Surtees TS9 - Cosworth recieves the Gold Cup
Podium: race winner Jackie Stewart, Tyrrell, with his wife Helen, Prince Albert and Princess Grace
Lovely girl in the paddock
Bobby Unser Peter Revson, McLaren M8F-Chevrolet
Denny Hulme, McLaren M19A Ford Ove Andersson, David Stone, Renault Alpine A110
Race action Jackie Stewart, Tyrrell 003 Ford
Niki Lauda, March 712M - Cosworth with Dieter Quester, March 712M - BMW Alfa Romeo T33 1971 detailed overview
BRM P160 1971 detailed overview Lotus 72C 1971
Ferrari 312B2 1971 detailed overview Lotus 56B 1971 detailed front view
Tyrrell 002 1971 detailed overview Tyrrell 003 1971 air intake detail
Tyrrell 003 1971 overviews Matra Simca MS120B 1971 overview
BRM P153 1971 rear-end overview BRM P160 1971 detailed overview
Brabham BT34 1971 detailed overview Al Unser
Graham Hill, Brabham Ford Jackie Stewart, Tyrrell 003
Jackie Stewart, Tyrrell 003 Emerson Fittipaldi, Lotus 72D
Peter Gethin, McLaren M19A Howden Ganley, BRM P153
Ronnie Peterson, March 711 François Cévert, Tyrrell 002
Rolf Stommelen, Surtees TS9 Reine Wisell, Lotus 72D
Tim Schenken, Brabham BT33 John Surtees, Surtees TS9