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Michael Waltrip was given a piece of The Rock by the president of North Carolina Speedway in honor of his 500th career start
Michael Waltrip Pitstop for Michael Waltrip
Greg Osborne and Chad Walter prepare the NAPA Chevrolet
Michael Waltrip leads Elliott Sadler around the Las Vegas Speedway Michael Waltrip
Michael Waltrip with former NBA star John Salley, also host of
All over-the-wall crew members are required to wear helmets; this rule was put into effect at the first race of the 2002 season and Greg Osborne changes rear tires for the NAPA team Michael Waltrip and Bobby Labonte had an early race altercation damaging the left front of the NAPA Monte Carlo
Michael Waltrip's damaged tire rests atop a stack of tires to be viewed by Goodyear
Michael Waltrip rounds turn four at Rockingham with Mark Martin and Jeff Gordon in toe