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3 foot walls are no problem... The mechanics, Dima and Roma
It was hard for every team in every class
Finding a checkpoint in the woods
Competition was often very close It's not deep…
Water in the fuel tank? Why? Robb Pritchard and Steven Ross trying hard
Co-driver Stephen Ross learning how to read a roadbook
Proto class winners Roman Briskindov / Sergei Volkov Great design on an ATV trailer
TR2 Toyota Land Cruiser in the Dune Race TR1 Land Rover in the Beach Race
Alexey Alexandrov's office Russian mud
Ladoga logo Rural Russia
Racing through the endless twilight.
Kari Sihvonen powering out of a river Kari Sihoven half way through a 7km bog
Many teams need some serious repairs
Sometimes hard to find a way ahead
Vladimir Terentev and Alexey Alexandrov heading to 2nd in TR3
Sergei Volkov threading through the trees Phillon Parpottas. Land Rover Defender
The start in the centre of St Petersburg
Nick Anderson and Neville Hud working hard
Malta's Ciapella team working into the night
Nothing is easy in the Croatia Trophy Working hard for every single meter. Finish marshall standing by
Some co-drivers have to work in stressful situations
Boros Csaba had to take risks to win. It didn't pay off...
Alexey Golubev, 10 meters from victory Maxim Kirpilev and Vadim Shmaylov of Russia
When there's only one way up you'll need to wait Mud tyres are a must
Stefan Mallia and Alistair Caruna of Malta Some people are happier than others
David Needham looking for a tree Alexey Goubev, Russia. 22 minutes to hunt down
Zsoly Zsernoviczky doing winch duty for Szylard Magyar
Boros Csaba, Hungary Why I can't drive to some of the press points...
The Belgorod Offroad Team kindly servicing my truck for me
Karl Buttigeg and Alexi Ivanov