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Analysis: First mover advantage swings outcome of F1 Abu Dhabi GP - or does it?

The final round of the 2018 F1 world championship featured a lot more overtaking than some previous races at Yas Marina Circuit.

Analysis: How the strategy led to the conflicts in Brazilian F1 Grand Prix

The Brazilian F1 Grand Prix provided some great talking points this year and clashes between drivers, but the seeds of these incidents were sown as...

"It's not going to be straightforward": Why Mexico was so tough for F1 teams

"It's not going to be straightforward to the end, Max" was the message to Max Verstappen from his engineer as he led in Mexico.

Holding your nerve: How Ferrari restored pride in F1 US GP with strategy masterclass

The Americans love their sport as entertainment and Formula 1 served up a superb Grand Prix in Austin that had the perfect blend of virtuoso drivin...

Analysis: Covert games in midfield catch the eye as F1 title battle fizzles out

There's a saying among F1 strategists that the faster and more dominant the car, the easier the strategy calls.

Analysis: Why Hamilton and Vettel had very different Russian F1 GP experiences

When things are going for you in Formula 1, they really go for you.

Mind the gap: What could Ferrari have done differently to sway Singapore F1 GP?

As with 2017, Singapore was a potentially decisive race weekend in the championship battle between Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel.

Analysis: The human side of F1 race strategy that led Ferrari to lose in Monza

This was one of the best Grand Prix races for years, with the right mix of super high speeds, close racing, emotion and strategy intrigue which kep...

Analysis: How Belgian F1 Grand Prix could affect the rest of the championship

This was an unusual Belgian Grand Prix in many respects from a strategy point of view.

Analysis: Why clear air was the only way to go in Hungarian F1 GP

There's nothing quite like a wet qualifying session to make things interesting for a Grand Prix and in Budapest we had just such a scenario.

Analysis: How Fine margins swung balance Lewis Hamilton's way in tight F1 duel

F1 is a sport where fine margins make the difference and some Grands Prix really highlight that.

Insight: The decisions behind the key talking points of the F1 French Grand Prix

Going to a new circuit, or one that hasn't been used during the F1 racing life of most of the competitors, presents multiple challenges and the ret...

Analysis: How Ferrari missed the chance to inflict more F1 misery on Lewis Hamilton

The Canadian Grand Prix has always been a track where the unexpected can happen, where there are options for race strategy and the DRS wing is very...

Analysis: The ifs, buts and maybes that held back Vettel and Hamilton in Monaco F1

Normally when the leader of a Grand Prix has a problem on the power unit that costs him 160hp, over two seconds a lap of pure performance, the purs...

Mercedes Spanish GP domination: An outlier or the start of a trend?

We said at the start of this 2018 F1 season that with the car that they have, Ferrari could win the championship only if they execute perfectly.

Do Baku GP strategy decisions show F1 teams' mentality on title prospects?

This year in F1, with heated competition between the three top teams we are seeing not only close racing but drivers, teams and especially strategi...

Analysis: The details that let Ferrari down and how Red Bull snatched the F1 win

This was a race Ferrari had two chances to win, Mercedes had one chance to win, Max Verstappen had a chance to win and yet Red Bull actually won it...

Analysis: How did Vettel hold Bottas off in Bahrain GP and did Mercedes pull a punch?

After the rather mundane Australian Grand Prix this was a more interesting race strategically.

Analysis: How the Australian F1 GP got away from Lewis Hamilton

For the second year in a row the Australian Grand Prix was won by Ferrari on a race strategy twist and a strong opportunistic drive by Sebastian Ve...

Analysis: Lots of pointers for 2018 from on track decisions in Abu Dhabi 2017

The 2017 season finale was not as high on drama and tension as last year’s edition, with the drivers and constructors’ championships both decid...

Analysis: How Lewis Hamilton and Daniel Ricciardo lit up Brazilian F1 Grand Prix

With the championship already decided there was a certain sense of ‘nothing to lose’ about the decision-making running through the penultimate ...

Analysis: Setting off a chain reaction - how to make things happen in F1 races

Mexico is a great event, with huge crowds, but it’s turning out to be a place for strange races, due to the unique circumstances of the altitude,...