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Strategy Report: How the same pit call led to different outcomes

James Allen revisits the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, where the call to make an early pitstop proved a winning one for Lewis Hamilton – but costly for others who became mired in traffic.

Strategy Report: The decisions that spawned hot-headed clashes

James Allen analyses the Brazilian Grand Prix, where the variation in the tyres offered by Pirelli served to spice up the action on many levels.

Strategy Report: Why Mexico was no ordinary Grand Prix

James Allen analyses the Mexican Grand Prix, where high altitude played havoc with Formula 1’s pecking order and Red Bull leapt ahead of both Mercedes and Ferrari. This was a race that kept the strategists on their toes throughout.

The key aspect of motorsport that could end up killing it Prime

The key aspect of motorsport that could end up killing it

As technology continues to rapidly evolve, motorsport needs to evaluate its place in the changing tech-led world - and there are some developments that it should be watching closely.

Strategy Report: Mercedes errors hand Ferrari a lifeline

Mercedes' tyrewear struggles and an imperfect strategy has allowed its rival Ferrari to postpone Lewis Hamilton's coronation and breathe new life into the constructors' battle.

Strategy Report: Ferrari gifts Mercedes win, as midfield epic unfolds

James Allen analyses the Japanese Grand Prix, where Ferrari once again threw away its chances with poor decision making, while Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes cruised to another simple victory. But the real action was in the midfield…

Strategy Report: How Mercedes is getting away with mistakes

James Allen analyses the Russian Grand Prix, where Mercedes scored a 1-2 that infuriated many Formula 1 fans, but suited its purpose of inflicting yet more pain on Ferrari.

What Singapore GP can teach other F1 races

Liberty has big plans for how future grands prix should be organised and promoted, but Singapore has been blazing a trail for many of those ideas for years - as James Allen explains

How high-risk Ferrari gambled everything – and lost

James Allen analyses the Singapore Grand Prix, which was a potentially decisive race weekend in the championship battle between Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel.

Strategy Report: How Ferrari’s battle plan fell apart

James Allen analyses the Italian Grand Prix, one of the best races for years, with the right mix of super high speeds, close racing, emotion and strategy intrigue which kept the outcome in doubt until the final laps.

Strategy Report: How Ferrari took command in Belgium

James Allen analyses the Belgian Grand Prix, where Ferrari inflicted a telling defeat on Mercedes as the world championship fight between Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel intensified.

Why motorsport is on the verge of the Olympics Prime

Why motorsport is on the verge of the Olympics

Although Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel aren’t about to start competing for gold medals any time soon, a demonstration event of electric karting at the 2018 Youth Olympics in Buenos Aires is an important development for motorsport.

Strategy Report: How wet qualifying opened the door for Mercedes

James Allen analyses the Hungarian Grand Prix, as rain – this time in qualifying – once again came to help Mercedes snatch victory away from Ferrari.

Strategy Report: The split-second decisions that swung a title fight

James Allen analyses the German Grand Prix, as a rain shower, a crash and pitstops under the safety car turned the Formula 1 World Championship fight on its head after an already-dramatic qualifying.

Why Singapore is one of F1's most important races


Will Formula 1 or Formula E be on top in 15 years? Prime

Will Formula 1 or Formula E be on top in 15 years?

Formula 1 and Formula E exist in parallel for now, but the world will be very different by the 2030s. Will the series with the clearer sense of purpose emerge as motorsport's top category, wonders James Allen

Strategy Report: Ferrari’s perfect execution at Silverstone

James Allen analyses the British Grand Prix, as Ferrari made all the right strategic decisions to deliver upon the promise of new car updates to beat Mercedes.

Strategy Report: How disruption turned Austrian GP on its head

James Allen analyses the Austrian Grand Prix, as Red Bull took full advantage of a Virtual Safety Car, and Mercedes fluffed its strategic lines.

Strategy Report: The consequences of a mistake-ridden race

James Allen analyses the French Grand Prix, as multiple collisions in the opening corners threw carefully-planned strategies into chaos – as cool heads ruled the day.

Will Alonso’s Triple Crown bid come at the expense of F1?

Fernando Alonso fulfilled a dream by winning the Le Mans 24 Hours with Toyota, and in the process completed the second leg of his quest to win the ‘Triple Crown’ of Monaco GP, Le Mans and Indianapolis 500.

Strategy Report: Could Ferrari have inflicted more pain on Mercedes?

James Allen analyses the Canadian Grand Prix, as Ferrari’s Sebastian Vettel won to take the points lead away from Lewis Hamilton – but could the Scuderia have done even more damage?

Formula 1 and Asia: What are the next steps?

James Allen reports from the FIA Sport Conference in Manila, where the subjects ranged from getting another Asian driver into F1, to building the sport there from the grass roots.

Strategy Report: Why Ricciardo’s pursuers played it ‘ultra’ safe

James Allen analyses the Monaco Grand Prix, as Red Bull’s Daniel Ricciardo pulled off an amazing victory, but what could Ferrari’s Sebastian Vettel and Mercedes’ Lewis Hamilton have done differently to beat him?

Why there's resistance to F1's masterplan Prime

Why there's resistance to F1's masterplan

Liberty's plan for the future of F1 wasn't welcomed overwhelmingly by leading teams, which unsurprisingly had financial reservations. Using the example of one of the best-run races, James Allen says there's reward to be had from short-term risk.