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Alex Lloyd is chosen to drive for A1GP Great Britain team John Surtees MBE announced on Monday that the British entry in the inaugural A1GP series, which starts at Brands Hatch in September, has chosen Alex Lloyd and Robbie Kerr as its two ...

Alex Lloyd is chosen to drive for A1GP Great Britain team

John Surtees MBE announced on Monday that the British entry in the inaugural A1GP series, which starts at Brands Hatch in September, has chosen Alex Lloyd and Robbie Kerr as its two drivers, following the driver evaluations which were carried out in May.

Alex said "I've been on tenterhooks for the past month, so it was a fantastic feeling to get the call from John confirming that I have been chosen to be one of the two British drivers in the A1 GP series.

"I look forward to flying the flag for Great Britain in all four corners of the world, and I feel very privileged to be a part of this team. With all the elements now in place, we should be a formidable force in the series and what better way to start off the than with the first event at Brands Hatch, one of the greatest venues in motorsport."

Surtees added: "The decision was unanimous. We opted for a fresh line-up that would be fantastic for the team."

The A1GP series has been dubbed The World Cup of Motorsport, and will pit country against country, in a format which is unique in the world of motor racing. The number of countries competing is impressive, and racing will take place throughout the traditional "off season" for motor racing between September and March which will ensure massive audiences throughout the world.

"It will be strange to have a team mate that you aren't competing against" Alex explained "because as a driver, you are there to win races, and also to beat your team mate. In the A1GP, we are competing for our country's honour, and when Robbie is driving the car, I will be cheering him on like mad! Robbie is an ideal team mate, as he is a lovely guy, he's five years older and more experienced than me, so this is a marvellous opportunity for me to learn not just from him, and from the expertise of the Arden team (who are running the British cars) but also of course from John Surtees himself, who is an absolute legend in motorsport."

Surtees is, of course, the only man ever to have won the world championship on 2 wheels and 4.

There is as yet no decision on which driver will drive in which race, but John Surtees has confirmed that there will be no lead driver decisions will be made on a race-by-race basis.

The A1GP series is the brainchild of His Highness Sheikh Maktoum Hasher Maktoum Al Maktoum, where from his home town of Dubai, he announced the launch of the unique concept of a World Cup of Motorsport where the two worlds of business and motorsport would meet.

The concept will provide each competing country with a team which they can get behind and support, in the same way that football fans rally behind their country.

It is not just footballers such as Ronaldo and Luis Figo who have got behind the A1GP concept in support of their own countries businessmen, politicians and statesmen have come to the fore. For example, Nelson Mandela, has joined in with enthusiastic support for the South African entry, and the opportunities and awareness that the A1GP will bring to so many developed and developing countries.

A1 Grand Prix chief executive Tony Teixeira said 'A1 Grand Prix is a common denominator uniting countries by giving them the opportunity to race competitively on a level playing field. By removing financial advantages and ensuring all nations have the same chance of winning, A1 Grand Prix is building relationships between countries. We have already received the endorsement of Prime Ministers and Presidents and now, through Nelson Mandela, A1 Grand Prix has brought four more countries closer together.'

The first race of the A1 Grand Prix series at Brands Hatch on the 25th September, along with all the rounds, will be shown live in the UK on Sky Sports.

Each race will see the national pride of at least eighty per cent of the world's population represented on the grid, so this will be a fantastic series which should capture the imagination of millions and millions of viewers.

The British car is due to run in the traditional British Racing green colour

All cars will be identical, and have been designed and manufactured by the British company Lola the biggest individual order of racing cars in the history of the sport.

The cars generate up to 550HP, and will have a power boost button, which will give each driver a limited burst of additional engine power, which can be used at any time during the race, to aid overtaking. Its proper use could therefore be crucial in strategic overtaking moves. In addition, the cars have been designed in the wind tunnel to minimise the slipstream effect of modern racing cars, which will also aid overtaking, so exciting races are guaranteed.

"This is going to be an incredible championship" Alex remarked. "Quite apart from bringing such exciting racing, in such dramatic powerful cars, to so many people worldwide, the business opportunities will be fantastic, with so many countries involved and competing at each round. This is an absolute tribute to Sheikh Maktoum and his vision of motorsport and business complementing each other in a worldwide arena. I hope we can generate support for the British team's effort to win this inaugural series throughout the media" Alex and Robbie Kerr pose by the Chinese A1GP car

The British team website can be found at www.A1teamGBR @And the .com official A1GP website can be found at www.a1gp .com


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