RFB Belcar 2007

Not the expected result!

SPA-FRANCORCHAMPS. The saying 'If you start off well you're halfway there' obviously didn't work for Racing For Belgium this last weekend. Following on from Ron Marchal's excellent third place during the free practice on Friday morning in the pouring rain just behind the two Moslers, the Aston Martin DBRS9 of Coekelbergs and Marchal couldn't redeem the expectations. "A combination of problems and a car, which notwithstanding the often talked about balance of power just does not match up with the other GT3s", Wim Coekelbergs commented. In the qualifying sessions both RFB-drivers still managed a seventh place and in the race they finished in ninth spot, just within the top-10.

"The problem this weekend was twofold. We'll first point the finger at ourselves, because I must admit that our pitstop was pretty poor. We lost a minute in something we should know like the back of our hand. Both here and in the Megane Trophy stops need to be performed and this time around everything that could go wrong did go wrong", Ron Marchal frankly admitted. "Without that delay in the pits a place within the top-5 was definitely on the books."

"But there's more", Wim Coekelbergs continued. "Last week in Brno and now also in Spa it appears that within the GT3 there seem to be two or even three speeds. Our Aston is in the second group a fair distance from Ferrari, Lamborghini and Corvette. If you then add the Mosler to this in the Belgian GT3-championship you arrive at this result. We're fighting with Dodge and Porsche for a top spot, not forgetting that the German machine is far more economical, which here at Spa is quite an added advantage. But is seems quite apparent that the so-called 'balance of power', which makes up the basic philosophy of the GT3 is not being respected. At this time it is pretty clear, as proven by the victories of Corvette in Brno, Ferrari this weekend in Nogaro or even the Mosler here, that some more balance needs to be instilled."

Racing For Belgium are still in fifth place in the Belcar-championship and will be defending this position during the last round of the season in three weeks time at Zolder. In addition the Zolder circuit layout should suit the Aston better than Spa "and as such a third podium is our objective, because I want to end the season on a high", a combative Coekelbergs told us.

However next weekend the Belgian team still have another assignment on their programme. The WTCC troops are facing their penultimate battle in Monza, prior to travelling to Macau for the final round. Following on from earlier problems, which led to the Alfa 156 having to skip a round, Racing for Belgium will once again be on hand to score some points in the Independents Trophy with Miguel Freitas.

-credit: rfb