Tiago, in the streets of Pau

For its fourth round of the season, the World Touring Car Championship (WTCC) is paying visit to a Mecca of auto racing, the historic Pau circuit, which winds through the streets of a city that has witnessed the passage of the greatest names in the sport for over half a century. Beset by misfortune at Valencia, Tiago Monteiro will make use of his driving science on the year's most selective circuit, hoping to get back to the level of performance he displayed at Zandvoort, where the Portuguese driver of the No. 18 car was the fastest in the SEAT family.

"I am very happy to race at Pau for the first time since 2001! I hope I will be able to see some of my French friends and that the many fans I have there will give me a nice welcome! It's a circuit I have always liked, and it always gave me a very good feeling. It is very technical and tight and has a very beautiful lay out, especially in the Beaumont Park. Overtaking is complicated and it will be important to be well-placed on the starting grid! It'll take luck to find a clear lap and qualifying might resemble a lottery. Hopefully I will hit the Jackpot at the Beaumont Park Casino!" Tiago explains.

"My performance in the first two races showed me that I am keeping pace with the leaders, which gives me confidence for this first city race. I am still a new driver to the WTCC and I am taking one race at a time, without thinking about the championship, but without losing sight of my objectives, which is to score more points and to win a race this year."

-credit: tiagomonteiro.com