Confidence and motivation among BMW Team Italy-Spain for the challenge of Pau

30/05/2007 - The city track of Pau (France) is going to house the fourth round of the FIA WTCC championship this weekend. BMW Team Italy-Spain, after an accident at the start of Valencia's race one involving both drivers, is hunting for a revenge in one of the most treacherous tracks of the season.

Both Alessandro Zanardi and Felix Porteiro will be ballast-free and this can help their performances.

The two races (both 19 laps long), scheduled for Sunday at 10.05 and 15.05 respectively, will be followed live by Eurosport.

Umberto Grano (Project Manager)
"In the last few days I had a look at some camera car movies of the Pau track. It is really very treacherous as a circuit, narrow and with features that made it resemble Montecarlo's. I believe that talented driver will make a difference here more than at other tracks and I am a bit concerned about race one start. The flying start may trigger a huge bagarre at the first turn."

Roberto Ravaglia (Team Manager)
"After three unlucky weekends we cross our fingers before setting off to France. We are hopeful and motivated as well. It cannot be different: we know to be competitive and we are aware of our possibilities. We suffered of misfortune in this season opening, but we still hope to invert the trend from Pau on, in such a way to be able to start fighting for our due positions."

-credit: roal