No luck for JAS at the MACAU's roulette

The FIA WTCC 2005 played its 10th and final round the last weekend in Macau. It has been a hard race for JAS Motorsport and their team who landed in the former portoguese colony (known also as the Asian capital of gambling), with big expectations but left with no satisfactions.

The Macau city track confirmed once again to be highly selective and mistake-unforgiving . During the qualifying session on Friday,18 Simon Harrison (UK), at the wheel of the Honda Accord Super 2000 in its Noble Group yellow livery, got involved in an accident in the beginning of the timed practice. The unguilty Briton was hit by another driver while red flags were showing and couldn't finish the session.

As a result of this Harrison started from the 24th place and could not fully demostrate his possibility to easily achive a top ten ranking thanks to his experience on the Guia track: the mechanics worked the whole night to get his Honda Accord ready for Sunday's race.

Adriano De Micheli (ITA) from Scuderia Niosi (USA), at his first time here, started during the free session to get confident with a track completely new for him and his Accord. "I knew since the beginning it was going to be a hard week-end for me" Ado said "Even if the car was fast I got penalized by not knowing the Guia race. I did my best anyways and JAS team too, supporting me for the whole weekend".

Race one saw many other crashes and Harrison got involved again in one of them: because of this he could neither finish race 1 nor start in race 2 while De Micheli finished 15th after a smooth driving.

Ado started to get more and more confident with the circuit and in race two went up to the 8th position, first of the Independents, but unfortunately he could not capitalise the good recovery, being involved in another accident when only 2 laps to the end were left. Eventually Ado could claim the fastest lap among the independents drivers after a race where only 9 drivers passed under the checkered flag out of 31 cars.

"Our big expectaions haven't been fullfilled" said Alessandro Mariani, team manager "The several crashes couldn't let us show our potential, but this is Macau, a roulette where even if you are competitive and fast your performance may be negatively affected by unpredictable events. I am very disappointed for the accident occurred to De Micheli: he could have reached the top stand of the Independent Trophy giving a significant result to the JAS team".

JAS Motorsport thank all their fans all around the world for their support during the FIA 2005 WTCC and look forward for another challenging racing season in 2006.