Jas Motorsport test in Hockenheim - November,11,2004

JAS Motorsport have completed another test day with the Honda Accord Euro R Super 2000 at the Hockenheim Ring, last Thursday, November,11.

The young italian Diego Romanini, who took part to the German DPWM 2004, and the danish Martin Jensen, Peugeot driver in the Danish Championship 2004 and former driver of a JAS built Honda Civic in 2003, were invited to drive and test the Honda Accord for a possible future participation to the World Touring Car Championship 2005 with the Italian Team.

Nicola Larini was also present to test some new technical solutions and set a control time for the guest drivers.

Although the weather conditions were not ideal for a test day (5 C ambient, wet spots on the race track), the test program was fully completed, having the three drivers alternating at the wheel.

"I am really enthusiast of this car" Romanini commented " It was my first time in a front wheel drive Super 2000, and I mainly focused to understand the best way to drive to get the maximum out of it. I have appreciated the stability and precision of this car in the fast corners, especially considering the conditions of the track that we have found. Nicola and the Team really helped me to speed up this learning phase and I would be very happy to continue the cooperation. We are working hard in order to be present in the WTCC 2005"

Martin Jensen worked in the past with the JAS Motorsport technical staff during his experience with the Honda Civic at K-Motorsport. The young dane commented: "I am very pleased to have been here today. The Accord showed a very good potential, it is a huge step ahead compared to the Civic I was used to drive, this is out of question. I hope to be able to finalise the program, it would be extremely challenging to compete in the WTCC with a competitive car".

The day at Hockenheim was the last test day of JAS Motorsport in 2004, which will be fully committed, from now until the end of January, to the manufacturing of the new cars for their Racing Team and the Customers.