Dear Friends,

We are close to what I consider the home race, without taking anything from Monza's event that is still the closest race to BMW Italy headquarters.

At Imola I dreamt to become a racing driver, when as a kid I used to stay clinging on barriers watching my uncle that was a race marshal. On the Santerno's circuit I have often been competitive in the past but I never had good luck; now I reckon that my BMW suits well the characteristics of the track and the fact of not being 'loaded' with ballast could help to get something back from the luck on this circuit.

Jokes apart, I was delighted to read Gabriele Tarquini's statements indicating myself as the favourite for the weekend. I really hope he is right, from my side I will do all what I can to make him show up as a good prophet.

PS: I am fairly optimist!

-credit: alex-zanardi.com