Yvan MULLER SEAT Sport France, 1st in Race 1, 5th in Race 2
"It was important for me to win a race because I wanted to join the WTCC winners club! For the second race I was just concentrating on staying on the road and mid-way the oil pressure alarm came on which was slightly concerning but I managed to finish. It was helpful that I knew the track but a lot of the drivers did. What is key is that I re-gained the lead of the championship because that was the target."

Alain MENU Chevrolet, 7th in Race 1, 1st in Race 2
"It's been a fantastic weekend. On Friday I wasn't happy with the car but we improved it over the three days, we even made changes between the two races. When Andy (Priaulx) went wide I knew I had to stay focused and finish. This year our aim was a race win and now we have done it! I have won many races here at Brands Hatch but I have to say that was the best ever."

Peter TERTING SEAT Sport Deutschland, 2nd in Race 1, 18th in Race 2
"The first race was a really tough one and it felt great. It was difficult because I was fighting with team-mates and at this circuit it's hard to overtake because of the style of the track and the conditions. I caught Yvan but not enough to overtake because it would have been too risky. As for the second race, I selected the wrong tyres. I went with very worn wet tyres with low grip, but after a couple of laps in heavy rain it was not possible for me to be fast."

Rickard RYDELL SEAT Sport Sverige, 5th in Race 1, 2nd in Race 2
"I'm happy for SEAT because it's been a very good weekend for them. On a personal level I expected more and I now need to catch up on the points. However, it is positive I scored in both races. In the second race my wipers stopped and I had to look out of my side window to see where I was going!"

James THOMPSON SEAT Sport UK, 3rd in Race 1, 3rd in Race 2
"Although I'm happy to be second in the championship I expected to qualify further towards the front and a win wasn't out of the question. However considering the conditions, I'm content with these two third places, especially because I lost my power steering in Race 2. I'm pleased for the team because the SEATs were always at the front of the field."

Andy PRIAULX BMW Team UK, 8th in Race 1, 8th in Race 2
"I am not sure I like having home races. For some reason I always seem to have my problems in front of my home crowd, which is a shame as I so want to do well for them. In the second race, when the Safety Car pulled off I was first into Paddock and as I touched the brakes I locked up completely and off I went. Luckily I was able to keep going but that was the end of any hopes of a podium. I was trying too hard and made a mistake by braking too late for the conditions. It was no one else's fault."

Tom CORONEL GR Asia, 13th in Race 1, 14th in Race 2
"The Leon is very different from the Toledo in many ways. In noise, the way you can drive it, the grip; it feels better and after this weekend I am confident in its capabilities. In the first race we had the wrong set-up and I suffered a lot of understeer but despite this I managed a win. When it came to the second race my window was totally fogged and I couldn't see anything except through a small hole."

Ryan SHARP JAS Motorsport, 16th in Race 1, 13th in Race 2
"It feels good to get a win here because it is the closest event to home in Scotland. I liked the conditions and it is important for me to experience them because I am still learning every time I get in the car. The first race was a little disappointing but the second race was great."

Mark BUSFIELD Chevrolet Team Manager
"It's magnificent! We started off hoping and praying for a podium finish so to end up with a first place is wonderful. Of course it was helpful that Andy (Priaulx) went off after the safety car, and once Menu got the lead he managed to create a gap and hold the place."