Thoughts after Brands Hatch

After a lot of years of motor racing, among all ups and downs, I thought I passed the darkest moments. But after Brands Hatch I really have to say that there is no limit to the worse. To get away from the second last position and to be bumped a few hundredths of meters by the only opponent behind me is an embarrassing record that I never thought I would score. That's how this year goes but I will not lower my guard: just a favourable occasion, perhaps in Monza, and my season could get a better shade... we'll see!

This said, at Monza it could be particularly hard for us. The track favours engines power and between all rules granting to Chevrolet, the re-birth Alfa Romeo as always very fast on straights, the new turbodiesel engine of Seat that runs like a rocket, our BMW risk to be in a lot of difficulties! We will see, it would be cool to give a turn to this season among the warmth of all fans that will be on track to support me.

Back to the English weekend, one of the few good news is that steward reconsidered the events of Oschersleben, causing me the well known ten positions drop-back penalty for four races. I appreciated their willingness, they were not obliged to reconsider things and their decision softens a bit my sadness. Nevertheless, I am firmly convinced of my faultlessness and this partial back off does not give me back the honor and the image damaged by all these events.