Only one week after celebrating his third consecutive title in the FIA World Touring Car Championship, BMW Team UK's Andy Priaulx (GBR) is a visitor at the Formula BMW World Final. In Valencia (ESP) he is following the exciting contest with 35 young drivers from around the globe fighting for their chance to test a BMW Sauber F1 Team car.

Q: Andy, have you yet realised what you achieved in Macau?

Andy Priaulx: "It's getting better every day. In Macau, the pressure was incredibly high over the course of the weekend. So soon after the race it is impossible to relax for just a single moment and think about the events. This only happens later and is a longer process. It feels fantastic to have won my fourth title in a row, and to be a triple world champion."

Q: Is this year's title something special for you?

Priaulx: "I'm sure when I will look back in ten years time, I will say this has been one of my best years. They didn't make it easy for us this season. Nevertheless, BMW managed to defend both titles. This wasn't something we were able to hope for until the final lap of the first race in Macau."

Q: Did you understand immediately what the retirement of Yvan Muller and the collision between Augusto Farfus and Gabriele Tarquini meant?

Priaulx: "Yes, I knew I would be on pole position for race two. But I was also aware of the fact that James Thompson was now my biggest rival. The title fight, therefore, was far from decided. Fortunately, I was able to deliver a flawless second race."

Q: Isn't it a racing driver's dream to win the world title by winning the final race of the season?

Priaulx: "That's certainly true. Let me put it this way: In the first race I didn't lose the World Championship, in race two I won it. You always have to give 100 percent in the WTCC. Again there was not a single race this year when I was able to sit back and relax."

Q: Do you still have goals after such a tremendous run of successes?

Priaulx: "I suppose you could say after all these wins the only way is down. But I'm not prepared to accept this. I feel my determination growing from one year to the next. I will fight hard until the very end of my career to be on top."