The FR 3.5 flyes in Vallelunga.

*At the time the World Series by Renault teams start working with their drivers in Paul Ricard so as to prepare the 2005 Season, the development team in charge of the Formula Renault 3.5 and the Mégane Trophy finished their program after 3 days of testing in Vallelunga (Italy).*

Jonathan Cochet, the driver in charge of the development of the Formula Renault 3.5, had completed 1400 km. in the circuit of Vallelunga. The Frenchman, that reported to feel very comfortable with the car in this track, lap-in 1.01.800, which means that the new World Series car has been two seconds fastest than the former F3000.

The development test has been focused in the validation of the final version of the engine and the tyre compound Michelin S505. The test also served to check different technical aspects of the car, specially the cooling system.

Race engineer Emmanuel Efnault has also underlined the performance of the car and the easy adaptation of the car to this track: "We've found a good set-up for this track and the car has adapted to it in a perfect way."

Stéphane Ortelli was also on duty with the Mégane Trophy, share the drive of the all-new Series car with the Belgian BelCar driver Vicent Radermecker. The car went through several checks in the aerodynamics, the tyres and the electronics, and as Jerôme Mortal has reported, "it is ready to go to production".

Jerôme Mortal (RST Development Chief):

"The Mégane Trophy has completed 1500 km (a total of 3500 km. since the start). I asked Vincent Radermecker to test the car because he is one of the top European drivers in this type of cars. On the other hand, I'm quite satisfied with the lap time of the FR 3.5. We have proved that it's performance and reliability, after 3.700 km. ".