Tiago Monteiro triumphs in Valencia
Fourth victory in the World Series by Nissan

This World Series weekend in Valencia was very positive for the Portuguese driver Tiago Monteiro, who scooped 25 points corresponding to a victory and a third place. Climbing on podium twice allowed the Carlin Motorsport driver to sit firmly in second place in the championship and come closer to the leader Kovalainen "Who I want to congratulate, as he is already virtually the champion". In the first race of the session on the Valencian circuit, Tiago Monteiro held the third place which he had achieved in the qualification sessions, to claim 10 points.

With the Pole Position he had secured for the main race (26 laps and an Mandatory Pit-Stop), Tiago Monteiro had to make a good start, which he did, staying in the lead from the start and gradually widening his advantage over Narain Karthikeyan who followed him at 6.9 seconds on the 15th lap.

"This was a tough weekend for me . I don't know how I ran the races and got these great results as I was feeling really ill all week end and couldn't sleep at night" explained the driver from Porto, a little out of sorts.

But with his habitual professionalism, Tiago Monteiro went into the races with total dedication: "I concentrated and did the best I could. I started well and went full out from the start of the race to get ahead of Karthikeyan, and as my car was feeling great I was successful in achieving my goals. The Pit-Stop went well, allowing me to return in front after coming into the boxes in the 17th lap, and then I just had to control the times of those following me. It was an excellent weekend, which let me slip safely into second place in the championship when there is just one more round left in Jerez, a track I don't know, although both Kovalainen and Bernoldi have both raced there."

Tiago Monteiro will try to maintain his second place in the World Series by Nissan, which he has to do by staying ahead of his main adversary Enrique Bernoldi.