Points for both Racing Engineering drivers in the Valencia races.

The Valencia round of the Superfund World Series by Nissan brought points for both Racing Engineering drivers. But nevertheless the results are all but satisfactory as Bas Leinders finished race one fifth and Stephane Sarrazin tenth and race two saw Bas in fifth and Stephane in seventh position.

Race 1:
The race day in Valencia started with rain, which forced both Racing Engineering drivers to switch to their rain setups. Bas went into the race from pole position so hopes were high. Sadly his setup was not perfect under the changing weather conditions, thus he commented a permanent lack of grip throughout the race. Bas could keep his first position until the race was neutralized by the safety-car in lap seven. From the restart, Bas was under pressure from Bernoldi, who overtook him on lap fourteen. At the same time Bas was overtaken by Besson. Then on the following lap, Bas was overtaken by Montagny and Vilariño. Bas finished fifth.

Stephane started from third position but a technical problem on his car caused Racing Engineering's crew to work on his car during the last fifteen seconds before the race started. This resulted in a Stop&Go-penalty for Stephane. After the penalization, Stephane rejoined the race in fourteenth place and made his way up into tenth position marking the fastest lap time in the race.

Race 2:
Since the track dried up for the start of race two, all drivers went into the race on slicks.

Bas started the race fourth on the grid and was pushed off the track in the first corner by another driver. He then managed to get back on the track in fourteenth position. In order to not lose too much time behind the slower cars, Bas came into the pits for an early tyre change in lap six. A good pit stop and Bas marking fast lap times brought him up into seventh position by the end of the race.

Stephane started the race fifth and finished lap one fourth. In lap four Stephane gained another position and drove a very consistent race in third position, ahead of the later race winner Villaamil, until he came into the pits for his obligatory pit stop in lap eighteen. During the tyre change Stephane lost precious time, he rejoined and finished the race eighth.

After the prize giving ceremony Ander Vilariño received a twenty second penalty for his pit stop outside the obligatory pit stop window and lost his first position. Karthikeyan, second in the classification so far, was given a thirty second penalty for ignoring a Stop&Go penalty and fell back into ninth place.

Therefore Bas moved up the classification into fifth position and Stephane into seventh place.

Stephane Sarrazin after a disappointing race day commented, "We lost many big points this weekend and were not very lucky. But the car was very, very fast and I felt very confident."

Alfonso de Orleans commented "The weekend started very well, but on the track things didn't go as planned. Pity."