Pole for Leinders and Vilarino.

Basque Ander Vilarino took an excellent pole position for the Superfund World Series by Nissan race at Valencia. The winner at Barcelona two weeks ago, amazed even himself with his performance, which earned him his second pole in three races.

Vilarino broke the track record for the 450-bhp machines - set by Ricardo Zonta last year - as he secured the best starting slot for the second of Sunday races.

The Epsilon Euskadi said: "I couldn't believe I was on pole after the engine problems I had yesterday. I thought I had a chance of pole after I was just 0.1s of the top in the first session and even though I had a lot of oversteer I just pushed really hard. I am tired now because I have never fought a car so hard."

There was just one second covering 17 of the 18 cars in qualifying for the first session. With only 0.1s, the difference between pole man Bas Leinder and Vilarino in fifth. Racing Engineering's Leinders was just as surprised as the Spaniard with his number one grid slot.

He said: "I was not a perfect lap at all. I had problems with traffic twice and had to lift off for a yellow flag. But I am very pleased to be on pole. It is very close, which proves the high level of this championship and the drivers involved."

Vilarino's Epsilon Euskadi team-mate, Jean Christophe Ravier, was second quickest in the first session, underlining the step forward the team has made in competitiveness in the second half of the season. Racing Engineering's Stephane Sarrazin was third on the grid, to boost the team's chances of overtaking Gabord Competicion in the teams' championship.

New series champion Franck Montagny was only sixth on the grid for race one, and will start race two from the very end after he did only two laps in qualifying as the team tries to save engine miles. His absence from the front two rows gave others the opportunity to shine and local hero Felix Porteiro was a fine third fastest for race two. And with his sponsors looking on this weekend, it was a perfect time to produce one of his best performances of the season.

He said: "I thought it was going to be a difficult weekend after I broke my engine in Friday practice. I was a bit concerned how the car would work on new tyres, but we found a nice set-up. I am feeling confident for the race."

Only 18 cars will take part in the race after Le Mans 24 Hour winner Guy Smith decided not to take part in qualifying. The Zele Racing driver was unhappy with the handling of his car, and did not wish to take part in the race if he felt there was no opportunity to be competitive.

WORLD SERIES LIGHTS: Alvarez on top at the double

Argentinean Juan Cruz Alvarez showed why he is the man to beat at the moment in the World Series Lights by taking pole position for both races. The Meycom Reyco driver beat team-mate Celso Miquez in both sessions and with title rival Julien Vidot only third and sixth, it was a great result for the team.

Epsilon by Graff driver Vidot, will have his work cut out if he is to take over the title lead this weekend, but he was only 0.4s down on Alvarez in the first session. Vergani's Racing's Pablo Donoso starts fourth in the earlier race, but it was another tough day for former title leader Adrian Valles. The Escuela Lois Circuit driver starts ninth for race one and seventh for race two.

In contrast, RC Motorsport's Ananda Mikola had a very strong second session and will line up third. He will start from fifth on the grid for race one. Mathias Lauda of Vergani Racing, will start from seventh and eighth on Sunday.

Valles's team-mate at Escuela, Alvaro Barba, will start from the back of the grid for race two after his car was found to be 2kgs under weight. His times were disqualified.


Roldan Rodriquez was the dominant winner of the Formula Junior race at Valencia. The Porfesa Competicion driver turned pole position into a dominant win. He led from the start, quickly established a healthy lead and was never under any serious pressure from his rivals.

Christian Cano jumped up from third on the grid into second on lap one, but could not match the pace of the leader. Nevertheless, the Racc Motorsport's driver held a comfortable gap over third, which went to championship leader Juan Antonio del Pino.

The baulk of the action took place behind the leading trio. Fourth went to Repsol Racing for Spain's Carlos Alvarez, who drove a charging race, overtaking Cibiemme Team's Giacomo Ricci with two laps to go. Ricci took fifth ahead of Victor Jaouen, the team-mate of Rodriguez. Jaouen stormed up from 10th with a feisty drive.

<pre> Superfund World Series by Nissan, Valencia qualifying race 1 1. Bas Leinders Racing Engineering 1m23.317s 2. Jean Christophe Ravier Epsilon Euskadi +0.008 3. Stephane Sarrazin Racing Engineering +0.046s 4. Narain Karthikeyan Tata Team Carlin +0.099s 5. Ander Vilarino Epsilon Euskadi +0.127s 6. Franck Montagny Gabord Competicion +0.293s 7. Enrique Bernoldi GD Racing +0.334s 8. Felix Porteiro KTR +0.377s 9. Polo Villaamil RC Motorsport +0.450s 10. Bruno Besson Saulnier Racing +0.750s 11. Heikki Kovalainen Gabord Competicion +0.856s 12. Jose Marie Perez Aicart Adrian Campos Motorsport +0.954s 13. Norbert Seidler RC Motorsport +0.970s 14. Paul Edwards KTR +1.032s 15. Didier Andre Saulnier Racing +1.045s 16. Angel Burgueno Respol Racing for Spain Vergani +1.070s 17. Bruce Jouanny Carlin Motorsport +1.093s 18. Santiago Porteiro Adrian Campos Motorsport +1.720s

Superfund World Series by Nissan, Valencia qualifying race 1 1. Ander Vilarino Epsilon Euskadi 1m22.947s 2. Jean Christophe Ravier Epsilon Euskadi +0.147s 3. Felix Porteiro KTR +0.385s 4. Bas Leinders Racing Engineering +0.478s 5. Stephane Sarrazin Racing Engineering +0.521s 6. Narain Karthikeyan Tata Team Carlin +0.528s 7. Enrique Bernoldi GD Racing +0.587s 8. Heikki Kovalainen Gabord Competicion +0.779s 9. Norbert Seidler RC Motorsport +0.857s 10. Polo Villaamil RC Motorsport +0.894s 11. Bruce Jouanny Carlin Motorsport +0.922s 12. Bruno Besson Saulnier Racing +0.996s 13. Angel Burgueno Respol Racing for Spain Vergani +1.041s 14. Didier Andre Saulnier Racing +1.191s 15. Jose Marie Perez Aicart Adrian Campos Motorsport +1.228s 16. Paul Edwards KTR +1.290s 17. Santiago Porteiro Adrian Campos Motorsport +1.573s 18. Franck Montagny Gabord Competicion +6.308s

World Series Light Calificativas Race 1 Juan Cruz Alvarez 1'26.708 Celso Miguez +0.226 Julien Vidot +0.467 Pablo Donoso +0.815 Ananda Mikola +0.827 Milos Pavlovic +0.994 Mathias Lauda +1.096 Mateo Pellegrino +1.288 Adrian Valles +1.298 Alvaro Barba +1.683 Milka Duno +2.430 Chanoch Nissany +4.316

Calificativas Race 2 Juan Cruz Alvarez 1'26.677 Celso Miguez +0.382 Ananda Mikola +0.683 Milos Pavlovic 0.824 Pablo Donoso 1.096 Julien Vidot 1.166 Adrian Valles 1.246 Mathias Lauda 1.297 Mateo Pellegrino 1.454 Milka Duno 1.941 Chanoch Nissany 2.870 Alvaro Barba Penalizado

Campeonato de España de Formula Junior Roldan Rodriguez 20'48.204 Christian Cano 5.489 Juan Antonio del Pino +10.976 Carlos Alvarez +14.989 Giaccomo Ricci +16.056 V.Jaouen +17.001 M.Herck +17.407 M. Barba +21.593 A.Lavail +22.789 J. Villa +26.736 F. Onidi +35.364 C.Gonzalez +35.517 M. Cerqueda +37.201 G.Garrido +38.268 M.Martinez +53.072 B. Gº Mancera +1'22.867

Non classified A.Llobell + 3 vueltas H. Suarez + 3 vueltas K.Ebisuda + 4 vueltas J. Fernandez + 9 vueltas M. De Diego + 10 vueltas

Segunda Calificativa R Rodríguez 1'42.650 J A del Pino +0.595 C. Cano +0.705 M. Herck +0.789 V. Jaouen +0.823 A. Llobell +0.912 C. Alvarez +1.027 G.Ricci +1.066 H. Suarez +1.148 M. Barba +1.184 J. Villa +1.327 A. Lavail +1.453 C. Gonzalez +1.656 M. de Diego +1.742 F. Oniri +1.750