After 3 days of practice and qualifying Alx Danielsson has confirmed that his recovery was very good after Zolder accident. Alx felt a little pain in the back at the end of the first 2 days but he is fit enough to compete again in the very high level of World Series.

Alx took 6th and 10th place of his group in the 2 qualifying sessions. With this system of qualifying sharing the 30 cars in 2 groups of 15 cars Alx will start the 2 races in row 6 and 10.

Alx Danielsson : "I feel OK, the main problem is that I did not do any physical training during these 4 weeks of recovery, so my foot is Ok but sometime it is a little bit tough for the body. As I have missed all the racing since the beginning of the season (Zolder & Monaco) I knew that we would have to catch up the other competitors who gained much more experience. We are trying a lot of things and we work hard to define a good car for me. This morning my car was very good but my tires went off quickly and I locked my wheels on my second fast lap. In second qualifying the conditions changed and it was a little bit more difficult, finally a car spun in front of me in my last lap in which I had improved a lot my first sector. We just need a very little thing to be here and I will give my best for tomorrow's race."

Raffaele Giammaria had many new things to discover in the World Series. New car with many technical specifications different to F3000, new series, new team and a return in an official racing week end 10 months after his last race. Session after session Raffaele improved his performance and looks forward gaining experience. He will start on row 14 of race 1 and row 13 of race 2.

Raffaele Giammaria : "In F3000 there was less cars, globally I think the level here is higher, I had to adapt to many things at the same time. The car is quite difficult to drive, I still have to work on my driving, but I gain experience and the 2 races tomorrow will give me much more kilometres to work on this. I am very happy with the team, it is one of the most professional I ever had, DAMS gives me all the support I need, day after day our understanding is improving."

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