Day 2, World Series first collective test. Montagny, Leinders and Zonta fast times in Valencia.

A French, a Belgian, and a Brazilian, leading amongst 20 of the best international drivers, during the first collective tests of the World Series.

Valencia, 14 April 2002 Montagny and his Dallara Nissan SN01 were unbeatable during this 2-day test, the first to take place with all the entered teams, and 20 different drivers from all over the world. The Frenchman reported that the team will have to work in order to know each other well and get used to every one: "It is a new team and we have to manage to get to know each other. Eric Bouliet (former engineer of DAMS) has joined the team because of me, but I haven't worked with him, so there's a lot of staff to develop and study. Today we were just making some tests on the car, so I didn't expect to be that quick."

Bas Leinders, the KTR Belgian driver, has been one of the fastest drivers during the two-day test, and clearly showed his joy when he found himself in the second place: "I came from the F3000, and I normally get used to the new cars soon. But Y tell you what, if Y had the chance to design my perfect car Y just have designed one like this: it is so fast in the corners, and reacts really well to all the changes that we had made. I'm really very happy with the results."

The Brazilian driver Ricardo Zonta was also in top three positions, although he expected to have some more time here for testing: "I'm happy with the new team but there's a lot of things to work on^Åwe have expended a precious time this morning when changing the gear relations. The car is very performant and you can feel very confident with it at the first contact." Tomorrow, on a private session with the Team, the Brazilian Tuka Rocha, Zonta's teammate, will make his debut with the car.

Narain Kartikheyan and his team were also positive in his very first contact with the car and the track. André Couto, the Vergani Racing driver coming from Macao, was also very well impressed by the level of the Series, and he will stay tomorrow in Valencia, as some other teams will do.

The Circuit of El Jarama (Madrid) will held the second Collective Tests of the Telefonica World Series by Nissan, the next 24 and 25 of April. <pre> Fastest Laps 1. Franck Montagny (Racing Engineering) 1.23.509 2. Bas Leinders (KTR) 1.23.722 3. Ricardo Zonta (Gabord Competición) 1.23.794 4. Narain Kartikheyan (RC Motorsport) 1.23.881 5. Felix Porteiro (Vergani Racing) 1.24.006 6. Antonio Garcia (Adrian Campos Motorsport) 1.24.099 7. Andre Couto (Vergani Racing) 1.24.123 8. Nicolás Filiberti (Zele Motorsport) 1.24.556 9. Polo Villaamil (Adrian Campos Motorsport) 1.25.163 10. Luciano Gomide (GD Racing) 1.25.437