Tristan Gommendy (Saulnier Racing) talks about his second podium in the World Series by Nissan

Tristan Gommendy, 25 years old, became one of the great animators of the Formula Renault V6 last season. Here at Magny-Cours, the FFSA driver has achieved his second podium, heading a notorious French representation. He is the only driver of the local team, Saulnier Racing, the only one who brings information at each race. It is a harsh work that has its corresponding reward.

Tristan, is the second place a reward for the team's work?

"The team has done an excellent work and a fantastic pit-stop. We have managed to change the two front tyres in only 4'1 seconds."

Couldn't you attack Kovalainen?

"I was lucky in the start because it seems that Kartikheyan was scared of me and he slowed down. But it was impossible to reach Kovalainen. This year is getting very difficult due to the fact that I am alone in the team and each time we get to a circuit we start from zero. In addition, last week the engine of my car caught fire, so I did not practice that much."

What do you think about the merge between Formula Renault V6 and the World Series?

"It is common sense; the Formula Renault V6 is a less performance car. The driving conditions are much more pleasant with the Dallara Nissan. With no doubt it is great news for all of us. In all the F1 teams, they are really interested on the reports and news coming from the World Series."

Are you in talks with any team in special?

"With several teams, and for the majority the World Series had become a good reference for drivers. When I was invited to the press conference at Zolder, I could look around and I could not believe my eyes-- Bernoldi, Kartikheyan, Kovalainen, Monteiro, all these guys have been in the Formula 1, all but me!"

Tristan Gommendy In The World Series By Nissan

Debuts in 2004
2 podiums (Zolder and Magny Cours)