Telefonica World Series by Nissan test at Interlagos:

The best Brazilian young drivers were evaluated today.
Nelson Angelo Piquet: "One of my most wished dreams has become true".

Wilson tested successfully the 2003 Nissan engine evolution.

Interlagos, 9 December 2002 Justin Wilson, top-4 driver in the Telefónica World Series by Nissan, has participated today in the test of the new evolution of the new Nissan 450 Hp engine in his Racing Engineering Dallara Nissan SN01 car. The Briton driver was really impressed:

"The car is much nicer to driver, a lot smoother, with more power throughout the straight. We reached 8/9 km/h more in the straight at more than 270 km/h. It's a pity because the track conditions had been awful: no grip, lots of dirt out of the line due to the heavy storms, and a strong headwind. I'm quite sure we could do a lot better."

Alongside this testing program, which was already started in Valencia with Bas Leinders, the third top driver in the World Series, seven teams tested some of the most talented Brazilian drivers in their Dallara Nissan cars. In the pits, a large group of people were standing up in front of the Repsol-Meycom garage. A 17-year old boy had just jump out from a Dallara Nissan single-seater: Nelson Angelo Piquet.

"Today, one of my most important dreams has became true. This car is amazing. At the beginning I was a little scared because of the speed. This car is got twice the power of a F3 car. Certainly I spun! I think that it's a little bit too early to move to a category like this, with such good drivers as Zonta or Mauricio. Maybe in 2004."

Nelson Piquet:
"I find follow this category with a lot of interest. The car is like a formula one and the engine is very robust, it lasts 5,000 kilometres without one single revision. This category is highly recommended for talented drivers. It is a driver's championship. Really cool."

Alfonso de Orleans y Borbón (Racing Engineering)
"Ricardo Mauricio has impressed me a lot. He's been the third fastest and he was all the time in used tyres. Certainly we are really interested in him for the next Season but the problem is to find a sponsor for the next year. If we fail, we could not stay here."

Weather conditions:

Morning session: Cloudy and windy. Little rain in the morning and dry at the end. Air: 21C Track: 23 C

Afternoon session: Cloudy, dry at the beginning, and windy. Little rain at the end. Air: 22'5C Track: 23 C

List of times: (Scratch)
Justin Wilson Racing Engineering (GB) 1.25.553 <pre> 1. Ricardo Sperafico Vergani Racing (Bra) 1.26.841 2. Paul Edwards Ktr (USA) 1.26.883 3. Ricardo Mauricio Racing Engineering (Bra) 1.26.841 4. Nelson Angelo Piquet Repsol-Meycom (Bra) 1.27.067 5. Joao Paulo de Olivera Ktr (Bra) 1.27.156 6. Angelo Serafim Zele Motorsport (Bra) 1.27.319 7. Carlos Pereira Rc Motorsport (Bra) 1.27.423 8. Cesar Campaniço Gd Racing (Bra) 1.27.712 9. Rafael Sperafico Repsol-Meycom (Bra) 1.28.804 10. Hoover Orsi Tata RC Motorsport (Bra) 1.28.844 11. Rodrigo Ribeiro Rc Motorsport (Bra) 1.29.585 12. Milka Duno Vergani Racing (Ven) 1.29.644 13. Marcello Thomaz Zele Motorsport (Bra) 1.29.746 14. Andre Nicastro Tata Rc Motorsport (Bra) 1.30.729 15. Pedro Lamy Racing Engineering (Por) 1.31.068 16. Ricardo Gonzalez Zele Motorsport (Mex) 1.31.968