A very beautiful victory for Bertrand Baguette who triumphs in the house's circuit

"The drivers change, the years spend, but Draco is always there, in the first positions. And possibly on the top of the podium." These are the words of a famous sports journalist that we can read on the site Italiaracing.net immediately after the first race in Spa. A weekend started very well for the Team Draco: the good times in free practices on both drivers show a fast and reliable car, the second place in the qualifying for Bertrand Baguette just anticipated what is really happened: a perfect race, played with intelligence and guile, with a beautiful happy ending.


Saturday of qualifyng and race for the circus of Formula Renault 3.5 in the circuit of Spa in Belgium. This morning the Drivers have gone on track for 20 minutes divided into two groups: Draco Drivers were both in Group B and Bertrand Baguette, with an excellent 2'02 "578, won the second position, entering in the Super Pole. Marco Barba instead has had timeonly to achieve a seventh place before the crash causing the exposure of the red flag which suspended of the qualifyng.


An incredible race for Bertrand Baguette, the Belgian, supported by many fans, has really amazed all over the paddock with a driving like a true champion. Started third, after the entry on track of the safety car, Baguette had the opportunity to move from fourth to second place after the crash between Jousse and Van der Garde, pointing to the conquest of victory through the continuous attack on Duran in the first position. A minimum error of the Interwetten Driver and Bertrand Baguette, after several attempts to overtake, at the Bus Stop passed Duran outside and he is gone on top of the classification with a manual manoeuvre and the enthusiasm is exploded in the box of the Italian Team. A great victory for a great champion, visibly touched at the top of the podium, in front of his nation. A result certainly deserved for him and the team that is always remain one of the best team in the championship.

Too bad for Marco Barba, who started from the seventh row, he remained involved in the crash between Pic and Martinez and, for the avoid them, he went on earth and struck the rail, leaving the scene.

-credit: dracoracing.com