Valencia, 20 October 2003 - The Racing Engineering cars have topped the list of times with Ricardo Mauricio, from Brazil, and Christian Klien, from Austria, in the Rookie test held today in the Circuit of Valencia. It was quite windy during all day but the clear conditions benefited the good work of the teams. Red flags appeared several times in both morning and afternoon sessions but in general it was a good working day for everybody. Guy Smith managed to end this day with the third best register of the day in his Zele-Racing car. Juan Alvarez was by far the quickest driver at the end of the morning session (half a second faster than Mauricio), so obviously he was a little bit disappointed with the 4th best lap time. However, he has been the fastest driver from the World Series Light category.

Guy Smith Zele-Racing 1.24.076

"It has been a very positive day. We managed to improve a lot the car and get it used to my driving style, but unfortunately when I was in my fastest lap I lost 3 tenths of a second in the first sector as I was slowed by another driver. Then I tried for another go but the tyres were not as good in the following laps".

Ricardo Mauricio Racing Engineering 1.23.789

"It has been my first real test spending all day with the team. I feel very good in this Team and I really enjoyed the go in the Dallara Nissan car. I was in Sao Paolo last year but I just could complete 15 laps or so, and this year I have been working with this car but only a few laps. I'm very happy to top the list of times."

Christian Klien Racing Engineering 1.24.066

"It has been a good experience. I liked very much the car. The down force makes that you enter the corners much more faster than I was expecting. I got along with the team very well. Everybody was very nice. The lap time was OK. I watched the races yesterday and I saw how competitive were this Series."

<pre> BEST REGISTERED LAPS 1. Ricardo Mauricio Racing Engineering 1.27.789 2. Christian Klien Racing Engineering 1.24.066 (+0.277) 3. Guy Smith Zele-Racing 1.24.076 (+0.287) 4. Juan Alvarez Gabord Competicion 1.24.291 (+0.502) 5. Pedro Lamy Tata Team Carlin 1.24.786 (+0.997) 6. Mathias Lauda Gabord Competicion 1.24.954 (1.165) 7. Pablo Donoso Vergani Formula 1.25.024 (+1.235) 8. Roldan Rodriguez KTR 1.25.201 (+1.412) 9. Marko Asmer Saulnier Racing 1.25.621 (+1.832) 10. Marc Goosens KTR 1.25.922 (+1.922) 11. Milka Duno Vergani Formula 1.27.386 (+3.597)