Andy Soucek and Federico Leo at Valencia with RC

Last collective test of the year represent the opportunity to develop the car and evaluate drivers in optics 2009: to achieve both goals Andy Soucek and Federico Leo are the right ones.

"We called Andy, who had joined with great enthusiasm as test driver, to fill the gaps we had during 2008 season. On the track we have a renovated staff of engineers with some elements coming from winning teams in 2008. With a talent driver, and two days of intense work, I am sure that we would be back the competitiveness that was missing year! Federico, will test the second day, being a rookie, he will first do a test dedicate to the knowledge of WS and after he'll go for performance.

I followed Federico during Paul Ricard test and I was impressed by his athletic preparation. This is certainly the right approach to deal with such a big step WS and then to professionalism. For the first day we are still searching for the right name .... "

-credit: rc