The Chile driver from Vergani Formula has completed a very successful day topping the list of times in the World Series Light category at the Circuit of Albacete. This morning, Pablo Donoso was lucky to be unhurt in after crashing his single-seater in a speed corner due to an aquaplaning. Donoso managed to lead the 1st session although he could only complete two laps.

The 1st Session of the WSL category started under heavy rain, and even though it wasn't raining in the afternoon, the drivers step in the track with wet tyres for the second session. All improved their times, and again, Donoso was the reference lapping 1.34.455. Adrian Valles, 4th in the overall, was the second quickest driver of the day, and Celso Miguez finished in third position.

Valles can still fight for the Championship and managed to improve a lot the performance of his Escuela Lois Circuit Dallara-AER car. Current leader Juan Alvarez was 4th quickest.

RC Motorsport newcomer, Sergio Hernandez, finished 5th.

Pablo Donoso was reluctant after achieving such a goal in such difficult conditions, as he explains: "Y crashed because of the aquaplaning. It has been an ugly crash. Y am very happy for the team. They had to rebuild the car and when we stepped in the track for the second session, one hour and a half after the start, we suddenly got the time lap. Y hope that we can keep this path in dry conditions."

Apart from Alvarez, three other drivers appear to be serious contenders for the Title fight: Milos Pavlovic, Adrian Valles and Julian Vidot.

Tomorrow they will dispute two qualifying sessions to form the race grid's (10h30 y 12h45) Local Time

Campeonato de España de Formula Junior: Del Pino strong

G-TEC driver, Juan Antonio del Pino, the current leader, has achieved the best lap time of all three sessions. 1st session was marked but heavy winds and progressed well under dry conditions, but the track conditions changed a lot for the other two remaining sessions. The temperatures went terribly down and it rained like hell. Del Pino advantaged in almost one second the second quickest driver, Hector Suarez, from Racc Motorsport, and 1.009 to Giacomo Ricci.

Marco Barba (Escuela Lois Circuit), Carlos Alvarez (Repsol Racing for Spain), and Cristian Cano (Racc Motorsport), completed the top 5 positions and showed similar performance in dry conditions.

Pietro Ricci, who's replacing the Japanese driver Keisuke Ebisuda in the Team Cibiemme, achieved the 12th best position of the day. He was terribly quick in wet conditions and managed to step in 2nd position in the 2nd session.

14-year old Spanish Go-Kart Champion and Vice-Champion in the Margutti Thophy, Miguel Molina, has participated for the first time in a private practice, inside team Cracs. Molina tested this car in Albacete last week and surprised the paddock by being 4th in the wet session.

Fabio Onidi crashed his car two minutes before the end of the last private practice. The session was red flagged. Onidi has reported to brake his wrist.

Best Registered Laps

World Series Light Private Practice
1. Pablo Donoso Vergani Formula 1.34.455
2. Adrian Valles Escuela Lois Circuit a 0.639
3. Celso Miguez Meycom Reyco a 0.906
4. Juan Alvarez Meycom Reyco a 0.946
5. Sergio Hernandez RC Motorsport a 1.382
6. Julien Vidot Epsilon by Graff a 1.834
7. Mathias Lauda Vergani Formula a 2.574
8. Milos Pavlovic Epsilon by Graff a 3.899
9. Alvaro Barba Escuela Lois Circuit a 4.589
10. Ananda Mikola RC Motorsport a 8.511

Campeonato de España de Formula Junior Private Practice
1. Juan Antonio del Pino G-TEC 1.34.849
2. Hector Suarez Racc Motorsport 0.962
3. Giacomo Ricci Cibiemme 1.009
4. Marco Barba Escuela Lois Circuit 1.095
5. Carlos Alvarez Repsol Racing for Spain 1.187
6. Christian Cano Racc Motorsport 1.253
7. Victor Jaouen Porfesa Competicion 1.429
8. Arturo Llobell Escuela Lois Circuit 1.553
9. Javier Villa Repsol Racing for Spain 1.583
10. Adrien Lavail G-TEC 1.625