Third and last test day for the FRV6 & World Series by Nissan On the Paul Ricard HTTT

Even if the strong Mistral wind was not easy to deal with this morning, the 14 teams present at the track (World Series by Nissan, FRV6 and F3) concluded today their three-day winter test session at the Paul Ricard HTTT.

This session dedicated, to testing teams and drivers took place in different weather conditions, as interesting for the drivers as for the engineers and team managers.

For quite a few drivers, it was also the time to discover the new Paul Ricard HTTT and its special security system. Even if it took some laps to some of them to understand it, it was also the right place for them to be able to concentrate fully on their driving skills and the car discovery.

After a first testing session last November, Renault Sport Technology will pursue the development testing of the new FRV3.5 before the end of the year at the Paul Ricard HTTT.

Today's best lap was signed by Giovanni TEDESCHI of Team RC Motorsport, followed by Giorgio MONDINI of Team EuroInternational and Robbie KERR - Team Epsilon Euskadi.

At the same time on the Paul Ricard HTTT, Nicolas Lapierre, was doing a comparative test of the F3 Dallara Chassis and the brand new Signature Team F3 SLC (Super Light Car).