Matteo Pellegrino is Looking To End The Season On A High Note.

The last round of the World Series Light championship will be taking place this weekend in Valencia. The free practice sessions have just ended and Matteo Pellegrino is hungry for victory on this Spanish track. If he wins this round, he will conquer the second place in classification.

After Milos Pavlovic's 1st place win in the championship, Matteo Pellegrino, Celso Miguez & Simon Abadie will be battling it out for the Vice champion title. At the moment, Miguez has 114 points, Abadie has 103 and Pellegrino has summoned up 100. With 30 more points available to them, this round will be decisive.

During the free practice session this morning, Matteo went on track with the intentions of doing well: he was third with 1'28''23 and then progressively lowered his time this afternoon to 1'27''734 which places him in 2 place.Unlike most weekends, the Valencia programme includes one race on Saturday (15.15) and one on Sunday (10.50)

Matteo Pellegrino

"After fixing a little problem with the engine start up, I went on track this morning to get used to the circuit and to the car. We always used old tyres to try to find the right balance. This afternoon, we used new tyres instead and I was able to lower my time by half a second-even if the track was slower. Tomorrow will be a very demanding day. I will have two qualifying session and one race. Miguez seems to have the advantage with the extra 14 points. But the math tells me that I still have a fair chance. To become the vice champion of the World Series Light Championship, I have to win both races and have to hope that Miguez doesn't get many points."