The World Series Light Takes Off and Pellegrino Immediately Conquers a Podium Position.

The first race of the World Series Light was characterized by cold weather, rain and at times snow. The harsh climate of Jarama did not however prevent Matteo Pellegrino from conquering his first podium position.During the 1st race, the young driver was in third place. Instead during the 2nd race, a technical problem influenced the race: the car stalled and regardless of Pellegrino's good lap time, he wasn't able to recuperate the lost time.

Matteo Pellegrino

"I'm only partly satisfied with the result.The podium in race 1 makes me happy but I can't say the same for the second race.

The weather conditions characterized the whole weekend. The first qualifying session was under the rain and with almost 0° temperature. Under those conditions, I set the second best time and distanced myself from the 3rd place by a 1 second ½. The second qualification was instead done with a track that was drying up and thus the last few laps were very determining.I was in pole position until the last few laps of the session but ended up being 3rd on the grid.

Sunday's weather conditions were just as harsh and at some point it even started to snow! Regardless of the difficult circuit conditions,I was able to start off well in the 1st race. But during the first lap (while I was second) Del Pino hit me from behind and sent me off track.I was able to controlo the single seater and got back on track. Unfortunately I was no longer able to fight for 1° place. 3° place is a good result and it satisfies me.

However I am very sour about the second race.At the start, my car stalled and i wasn't able to do anything besides watch all my adversaries go by me. I was able to restart again but by then ,I had already wasted lots of time and was last. I did my best t to try to catch up to the others but the track was wet and I didn't avoid 2 escursioni on the sand. Notwithstanding this, I was able to set the third best time in the 2nd race and this makes me a little less disappointed."