Matteo Pellegrino On The Podium Again But With Disappointment

With only two laps left the go, the victory of race 1 in Montemelò would have been in Matteo Pellegrino's hands again. But Matteo Pellegrino's car which had a constant under steering problem throughout the race, made it impossible for him to drive. Thus, Matteo had to give his position up to Pavlovic and then to Miguez. Matteo's victory which seemed to be in the bag was then transformed into a third place and this leaves the driver from Ravenna disappointed.

Race 2 was instead characterized by an accident at the start. Matteo started off fast but his opponent Miguez, who didn't want to lose his position, pushed him on the grass. At that point, Matteo lost control of his car and hit Miguez. During the accident, Matteo broke his rear suspension and had to retire prematurely from the race.

Matteo Pellegrino

"I reached the podium this time around as well. This has become a very pleasant custom this year. Here in Montemelò, the third place finish doesn't make me very happy because I could have won. I was 5th on the starting grid and I knew that I could give my 100%. I started off fast and after the first lap I was in first place. I had overtaken all of my adversaries by the outside. I decided to push to the maximum to create a bigger gap between me and the others. Only my team mate Pavlovic was able to keep up with me. During the first laps, the car was perfect but from the 5th lap on, I started having problems with the back of the car. The left back tyre couldn't handle the stress and started to deteriorate fast. For this reason, I started to have a under steering problem during the last laps and this made it impossible for me to take in a corner. I was able to hold off Pavlovic till the last 2 laps but I then had to give up. The under steering problem increased with Pavlovic's strip stream and so Miguez was also able to overtake me. At the end, my back tyres were so run out that they wouldn't have permitted me to run another lap. Race 2 was ruined by an accident with Miguez. It was a normal accident and luckily none of us got hurt. Unfortunately, our race ended after a few 100 metres.

I'm already thinking about the race in Valencia Spain which will be in 15 days. This is going to be the last round of the championship and I want to finish with a big bang: with a victory."

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