Matteo Pellegrino is The Best at The Test Session in Valencia

The day after the end of the World Series Light championship, Matteo Pellegrino, who is 4th in the classification, went back on track in Valencia on Monday, October 18 to do a test session on board the RC Motorsport team's Dallara Nissan SN101. The RC Motorsport Team competes in the World Series by Nissan Championship.

Matteo made a rather positive debut on this type of single seater with 3000 cc. Pellegrino was the fastest driver present His time would have placed him in the front row during the World Series by Nissan race last Sunday in Valencia.

With this test, the driver from Ravenna is already looking forward to participating in the news World Series by Renault championship. This championship is a stepping stone for drivers aiming for Formula One.

Matteo Pellegrino

"I'm obviously very happy about setting the fastest time. I was even very close to the pole position time set by Karthikeyan last Saturday. If I hadn't made a little mistake at the corner during my fastest lap, I could have chipped away a tent. But what I'm most happy about is RC Motorsport team's appreciation for the work that I did here today. They consider my test session on the single seater a very positive one. The car is very impressive. The braking system is a lot more potent than the single seater of the Light category. The 3000 cc engine is more powerful and regardless of its weight, manages to have a higher velocity at the corners. After the end of this season's championship, this test session already makes me reflect upon the next season. My objective is to climb my way up to another category and therefore participate in the World Series by Renault"

<pre> Valencia 18/10/04

1 Matteo Pellegrino (ITA)       1.23.443
2 Alvaro Parente (POR)          1.23.681
3 Simon Abadie (FRA)            1.23.754
4 Adam Carroll (GB)             1.23.861
5 Christian Montanari (ITA)     1.24.254
6 Damien Pasini (FRA)           1.24.333
7 Giorgio Mondini (ITA)         1.24.342

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