Two podiums for Racing Engineering!

The second meeting of the World Series taking place this weekend on the legendary track of Jarama brought two podiums for Racing Engineering. Franck Montangy arriving at Jarama as the leader of the World Series finished the first race in second position. Justin Wilson, first time ever racing at Jarama, finished the first race in third position. The second race was characterized by technical hazards for Racing Engineering's drivers. Justin after being hit by another car had to retire due to suspension problems. Franck fighting for first position finished 12th as technical problems during the tire change kept him from getting on the track ahead of Zonta.

1st race:

In the first race taking place under dry conditions all top three drivers, Franck Montagny, Justin Wilson and Ricardo Zonta showed a very consistent performance matching the qualifying results. Both Racing Engineering drivers Justin and Franck could keep up with Zonta's lap times at any point of the race. Justin had an amazing beginning in this race. Franck until the end of the race has been fighting to gain first position in this race. Franck and Justin finished the first race in positions two and three.

2nd race:

Racing Engineering's drivers went into the second race from position four and seven on the starting grid. Justin Wilson had a very good start from 7th position, but has been hit by another car in the first corner. After coming into the pits for an unplanned tire change Justin went back on track, after a good short pit stop. Soon after he realized that the early incident has had damaged his back suspension so badly, that he had to retire.

Franck Montagny showed great persistence from the start and gave Zonta a hard time to retain first place. They delivered an exciting race to the audience. Franck Montagny and Zonta came for their obligatory pit stop within the same lap. Technical problems during the tire change for which the team was not to blame forced Franck to stay in the pits too long to have had any chance to get on to the podium. Franck finished the race in 12th position.

After the second race Franck Montagny announced,"I had a good start into the race and pushed a lot in the beginning of the race. Zonta and I came for our pit stop within the same lap but due to the technical hazards we faced, I lost a place on the podium."