Montany wins under hard rain and touches the vice-championship.

Justin Wilson reaches second place, Polo Villaamil is third, Leinders is fourth and Zonta doesn't finish.

The hard rain is the main guest in Interlagos.

Sao Paulo, 8 December 2002 -- Franck Montagny crossed the line first in first race in the last round of the Telefónica World Series by Nissan hold at Autódromo de Interlagos (Brazil) and touches the vice-championship. The team Racing Engineering reached one-two places under a heavy rain. Polo Villaamil finished third, Bas Leinders failed to take victory and Ricardo Zonta made a spin in first lap and abandoned.

A heavy rain ruined the first race that started with the safety car. The track was flooded. Zonta tried to make a blinding opening lap, but he lost control and crashed with the tyrewall. The race was stopped in lap 6 and restarted minutes after. Leinders began the new race in first place but was surprised by Montagny and Wilson in the first turn and later by Villaamil and rookie Ricardo Sperafico. Racing Engineering drivers rode to the victory and is also touching the team title.

Second race starts at 13:30.