Zonta reaches his 7th pole position of the year, almost one second fastest than best lap of F3000.

Montagny breaks front wing and left suspension of his car in a crash.

Sao Paulo, 7 December 2002 - Dallara Nissan SN01 has lowed the F3000 official lap record at the circuit of Interlagos (2002, BOURDEAIS, 1.26.056) during the 1st Qualifying Session. Interlagos holds the last round of the Telefónica World Series by Nissan. Dallara Nissan SN01 becomes the fastest car at this track except F1. Narain Karthikeyan lapped 1:25.143 in an amazing free practice performance. After this, Ricardo Zonta steadily pulled away to score hi 7th pole of the season after improving from free practice and will share first front row with Jean Christophe Ravier. Second row for Bas Leinders and local Jaime Melo.

Franck Montagny broke the front wing and left suspension of his car in a crash. He ended the qualifying in 5th place beside Antonio García.

Qualifying 2 starts at 14:30 and ends at 15:00 (local time).

Point award
Only the first 10 drivers get points: 20 points for the winner, 15 points for the second driver, 12 points for the 3rd classified, 10 for the 4th driver, 8 points for the 5th, 6 points for the 6th top driver, 4 points for the 7th, 3 points for the 8th, 2 points for the 9th, and 1 point for the 10th driver. The fastest lap gives two more points to the quickest driver.