Ricardo Zonta, almost one second faster than his rivals in first free practice session.

Montagny and Leinders battle for the second place in Championship standings.

Sao Paulo, 6 December 2002 - Ricardo Zonta set an impressive pace in the first of three free practice sessions at the circuit of Interlagos (Brazil) that holds the last round of the Telefónica World Series by Nissan. He finished almost one second clear of best lap of second classified, Franck Montagny. Bas Leinders took the 5th place. Montagny and Leinders are battling for the second place in Championship standings, and Justin Wilson has some possibilities to battle for.

Next release at the end of the three practice sessions (17:00 local time)

Teams are working hard to find a perfect car set-up, five days after the round hold in a track as demanding as Curitiba. This is difficult not only for technical reasons, but also for the hot temperature and the changing weather in this season of the year in Brazil.

After a strong final free practice session, the Brazilian Zonta kept the first place almost from the beginning. The reigning champion put in a stunning performance to grab first 0.843 seconds ahead of Franck Montagny and 1,058 of Spanish Antonio García, who ride to a creditable third place, four places ahead of his team-mate Polo Villaamil.

Bas Leinders, who battles for the second place in Championship standings, reached the fifth place 1,252 seconds behind Zonta. The Brazilian Jaime Melo and Tuka Rocha made both spins and they obliged to stop the session, drivers are OK.