Baguette flies and becomes leader of the Championship but the Safety Car ruin the first place. Barba wins the 2nd step of the podium

After the double podium yesterday, the Draco Team reply today with the second place of Marco Barba. It's a pity for Baguette who, after a spectacular race, can win the first step of the podium, but the Pit-Stop is been delayed for the entry of the Safety-Car, and he is arrived 5th, earning the 5 points to reach Martinez, which now shares the top in the championship league.

But we go to order. Baguette's race begins with an exciting start in which the Draco Driver surpasses 2 cars positioning itself in third place. Several crashs on track and the entry of the Safety-Car. When Martinez goes out, Baguette can overtake Molina, and the Belgian driver conquests the first place. It is the time of the Pit-Stop, and some drivers come to the pits before the start of the safety-car system due to another accident. Among these, Marco Barba, which exploits the excellent Strategy of the Team and his speed on track to position himself just behind the firsts drivers. Baguette remains in top position and tries to stretch his advantage. Over the last few laps available to return to the pits, Baguette performing the obligatory pit stops with a record time of 5.5, thanks to the excellent work of mechanics Draco. He return before Molina, but he finds the 5 drivers that were exploited the entry of safety car for the pit-stop. Meanwhile, Marco Barba takes the second place winning the podium and 12 points in the standings.

A very positive weekend for the Draco Team that goes on the podium in both races and take home many valuable points for the Team Championship and for the Drivers Championships whose the leader is now Baguette!

-credit: dr