Saturday of great competition at Hockenheim for the World Series by Renault today with the first race of the weekend, characterized by low downforce and lack of pit stops, which instead will be present tomorrow in Race 2.

In qualifying this morning good time for Nathanael Berthon who win the ninth place with 1:27.633, starting in the 5th row. Unlucky Qualifying rather for Julian Leal, who had the disadvantage of having canceled the first 3 best laps because he has cut the first corner and he was forced to start from the last position.

At the start of race 1 both Draco drivers start very well Berthon gains 2 positions and he is 7th, Leal wins 9 positions and he is 15o.. Meanwhile, the Safety Car enter for crashes on the first lap. The race restarts and in the tussle in the track Berthon back to the 9th place. Leal overtakes Federico Leo and he is 14th, but then the Italian of the team Pons press him giving way to a duel that lasted for several laps, until Leo goes in the pits after an accident with Rosenzweig.

Leal, despite being penalized 10 seconds because of art .24, closes 13 o. with a recovery of 11 positions from the grid.

Tomorrow morning, the drivers will be on track for the second qualifying. The start of Race 2 is at 14:00, live on Eurosport 2.

-source: draco racing