The former winner of the Open Telefónica by Nissan 2001 is the 4th champ of the Series to test an F-1 car due to the agreement between RPM Racing and the KL Minardi F1 Team.

Barcelona, 27 November 2002 Yesterday, Franck Montagny's dream came true at the Circuit of Valencia: to drive an F-1. The French single-seater 2001 champion became the fourth driver to test an F-1 thanks to the agreement reached by the Spanish company RPM Racing and the KL Minardi F1 team.

Marc Gené, Fernando Alonso, and Antonio García had also in the past their big "momento". Yesterday, at Valencia, Montagny completed 29 laps on a PS01 from the KL Minardi F1 team.

Franck Montagny:

"First of all I must say a big thank you to the Minardi team for giving me the opportunity to test a Formula One car, which was a reward for my victory in the 2001 Open Telefónica by Nissan Series. I'm really happy with this first F1 contact. I was expecting a lot of difference with my car but apart from a very powerful engine, the chassis is very similar to our Dallara Nissan SN01, our current World Series car. It's been such a nice experience to be inside the Minardi team, having de-briefings and talking to my engineer. This test will really allow me to get ready for my next test with RenaultF1 at Jerez on December 13th and 14t."

Franck Montagny is currently placed 2nd in the Telefónica World Series by Nissan. The last two meetings will take place in Brazil the next 1st of December at Curitiba and the 8th of December at Interlagos (Sao Paulo).