Albacete, 3 de noviembre de 2003 - 5 young drivers participated yesterday afternoon in the 2004 Rookie test organised by RPM Racing for the Formula Junior Spanish Championship Teams in Albacete.

Miguel Molina, the Spanish Go-Kart Champ, demolished the official lap record achieved during the celebration of the race weekend by Juan Antonio del Pino; the new Spanish champion of this category (1.34.595/134.7km/h).

Molina (Cracs) lapped 1.34.250 at an average speed of 135.2 km/h. at the age of 14; Miguel has signed some impressive results in some of the most prestigious races over Europe. This year he has been vice-champion of the Margutti Trophy, and third in the Italian Open Masters.

G-Tec was the most active team in the test, with three different drivers. The French driver Kevin Mathews signed the second best register of the day in 1.35.007. Mathews is rumoured to take part in the last meeting of the Season, in Jarama, the 30th of November.

<pre> Miguel Molina Cracs 1.34.250 Kevin Mathews G-Tec 1.35.997 ( a 0.757) Mehdi Bennani G-Tec 1.36.293 ( a 2.043) Edeniel Soto G-Tec 1.38.181 ( a 3.931) Daniel Ecker HST Racing 1.41.252 ( a 7.002)