Edoardo Piscopo shines at Valencia

Edoardo Piscopo spent a really positive day at Valencia, in the final part of season-ending World Series Renault tests. Edoardo, who flied from Italy to Madrid overnight, and moved towards the racetrack early in the morning, proved not to have suffered from exhaustion: after spending the morning to get the right confidence with the Dallara-Renault package, he posted the 9th fastest lap of the PM session, resulting at the top among drivers with the same experience and completing a great day for Draco Racing.


"I'm really happy with the laptimes we set here at Valencia, and with how the team and I worked together. The morning session was complicated by the fact that I had to find the right confidence after missing the first day, and do some laps. Despite a lot of traffic, in the afternoon I managed to clock a good lap, and enter the top-10. This week has been really busy, but also really exciting. In less than 5 days I had the chance to drive three fast and extremely difficult cars, and I'm extremely pleased by how it went."

-credit: ep