First test with Draco, what do you think about it?

"It's a well organized and a higly professional team, it's pleasant to work with because of the homely atmosphere."

What did you expect?

"Surely to make the first or the second time. But we had different problems which damaged my expectation (seat with many problems, no feeling with the car 'cause of the seat, unfortunately I'm tall and I had many problems that way)

Then A.M. immediately decided to make a lower seat but my knee, however touch and it's impossible to move or to make pedals shorter because of the rules.

However with the second seat everything was better. With the new tyres I came out with the best time and for three times running I cought the red flag."

Global judgement on team and pilot work

"The mechanics were very fast and clever to make the new seat. I worked very well with the engineer: He immediately pointed out my faults and we studied together the best set up of the car.

The aim of the team is to win and to always struggle for the best time."


First test with Draco What do you think about it?

"It was really nice. We worked hard it has been an important experience. The team is very confortable and it is very nice to work both on track rather than out of track.

It was a great chance for me and I'm so sattisfied about it."

What did you expect?

"I knew the very good work of the Team Draco; a team with great experience and high quality level.

Before coming here, a week before the test, I was very sure about the organization quality. The work method is excellent."

Global judgement on team and pilot work

"I think very well. After the first ten laps I wish it was a special day. I was very relax during all the test time.

It was very important for me to take care of all the details of my drive. I gave 100 % and we had a really happy day."


First test with Draco, what do you think about it?

"I think it's a very professional team and the results it got in 2005 proved it.

I ran the second day, the condition weren't easy with the wet track in the morning and plenty of red flags.

In the afternoon I did not pratically make the most of my new tyres. I regret not being able to forsee the real potential I could get with new tyres.

However I felt well with everyone in the team, I think that everybody is highly qualified and able to do his work, which is necessary to win competitions."

What did you expect?

"I expected professionality, a good work method and reliability and this is exactely what I found.

Global judgement on team and pilot work

I think we made a good job, the conditions were not easy and the result was conditioned by rain and by too many red flags but our potential was higher, what a pity not being able to demonstrate it."


First test with Draco, what do you think about it?

"Everything was going on well since the morning. I felt well with thw car and then we worked hard and results came soon: I'm so happy."

What did you expect?

"Well, I expected to be the first, and so it was."

Global judgement on team and pilot work

"Very good, I felt very well since before the test, I do congratulate all the team and Draco."