The e-commerce binds the motoring world. The new collaboration between Caluselezione and Draco Team

Innovative, technological, in the forefront: features that are always in the motoring world and they perfectly describe Caluselezione, leaders in online sales and new partner of Draco Team.

Pioneer of e-commerce, Caluselezione born in 2000 and it quickly follows excellent results in online sales on the major European platforms and it gets into among the first companies in Italy. Over the years the company grows, creating and testing different business. In 2001 and 2003, the young company receives agency mandates from Fastweb Spa in the promotion of broadband services and mobile telephony. Today Caluselezione boasts leadership in online sales and it is the first Fastweb agency in northwest Italy. In addition, it has earned the label of Ebay powerseller, which represents the "perfect user" that has achieved and maintained a score of feedback largely positive and high sales volumes.

The interest of new technologies, the continued search for new business, the will power and the constant dedication are the elements that perfectly bind Caluselezione to the philosophy has always pursued by Draco Team.

Nadia Morini, Team Manager Draco:

"I'm proud for two reasons. First, we can include another company so prestigious among our sponsor. Caluselezione is the new way to sell the future that comes into our homes. The motoring world is based on the future, so we are very attached. Moreover, to find a company who entrusts its mark at a time when companies don't invest, it is for us a reason of pride and it is the proof that Draco is always the top. This shows that despite the crisis we must pursue our business, for us and for the people who work with us. So I can thank for the trust and I can firmly say: Come in!"

Administration Caluselezione statement:

"We start this new adventure with great passion and enthusiasm! We are a young and dynamic company and for this reason we feel very close to the world of racing and motoring. Passion and Speed unite our worlds and our philosophies! We are very proud to be sponsors Draco Team, we are confident that this cooperation will take us away and we are happy to become part of your "family"!"

-credit: dr