Draco still on track at Barcelona for the collective WSR 3.5

Wet testing at the Catalunya Circuit in Barcelona for the circus of the World Series by Renault that today played the second day of collective testing in Spain. This morning the drivers had to wait a long time before they enter on track and several times during the test there was red flag due to crasch, spin and out of track. Despite the bad weather, however the teams were able to try different set-ups and record the fastest laps. Still a very good performance for Nathanael Berthon of Draco team who had a first time of 1'56 "430 at 10.30 this morning and he ended the session in 4th position on 21 drivers.

In the afternoon, the track was dry thanks to a pale sun and the drivers times went down. In the half-session Berthon records 1'34 "223 and he becomes the leader. Leal starts good in the laps with new tires, but then unfortunately he goes out and, with the damaged car, he can not start again. The Colombian nevertheless continues the search of set-up inside the box with his engineer and the mechanics. The session continues until 18:00, Berthon improved his time repeatedly finishing third with 1'33 "752.

-source: draco racing